How do we use crop yield monitoring to improve profits?  To answer that question, first lets look at what impacts profit.

Profit = Income – Expense

That looks pretty simple at first glance.  Dig a little deeper though and you will discover ways to improve a farm’s bottom line.  For example, yield impacts both the income and the expense side of profit.

That makes understanding yield and more precisely crop yield monitoring, a powerful tool for managing farm profits.

There are not many options to control the price of an input such as seed or fertilizer.  Most of the time prices are set by the retailers.

Input rates, however, are adjustable and connected to yield.  The more yield potential an area has; the more seed and fertilizer normally applied to those areas.  So, input dollars spent are connected to how much yield an area can produce.

If crop yield monitoring is used, then there is an opportunity to identify yield potential.

By knowing a field’s yield potential these ideas can used:

  • Crop Yield Monitoring is useful for pushing yields, correcting issues, and improving profit.
  • Crop Yield Monitoring is useful for maintain normal yields, accepting some issues are not correctable, and improve profit.

Yep, both directions can result in better profits.  And depending on the field either may be a good choice.

Profit can be improved by fine-tuning the expense and income side of the equation.  And with proper yield analysis the yield potential of a field becomes clear, which allows this to happen.

Crop Quest provides an independent partner to manage yield data with.  Turn yield data into a valuable tool by allowing Crop Quest to evaluate yield limiting factors and recommend management strategies.

Yield monitors are essential to understanding how to maximize a field’s profit.  More specifically, collecting yield data and not just viewing it on the monitor.  If you have farmed a piece of ground for more than a season or two, more than likely, you have a yield map of that field in your head.  Crop yield monitoring takes that map from your head and puts it in a digital form; where it can be made to work for you.

Whether it’s through variable or flat rate applications, our goal is to work with you to continue to improve the management plan from season to season.

Have you collected yield data and never done anything with it?  Let us help you get started with a free yield evaluation.  Contact Us for your free yield evaluation.