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The Value Of Our Services

Most crop consultants bring value to a farm, but Crop Quest Agronomists bring even more value, and one of the big reasons is because of the simple fact that we’re an employee-owned company. One can tell why this holds true by reading our mission statement. “Crop Quest is an employee-owned company dedicated to providing the [...]

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ESOP – What Is It? And What Does It Mean For Our Customers?

If you work with a Crop Quest Agronomist or have just stopped by our website, you may have heard that we’re an ESOP company. Your thought may have been, that’s great, but that doesn’t really affect me. We’re proud of being an ESOP, and we feel it’s important once in a while to talk about [...]

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Our Commitment

At Crop Quest, you can find our mission statement around nearly every corner of our business - from our website’s homepage, business cards and even hanging in the lobby of our office. It’s a reminder to every one of our employee-owners, customers or business partners that we encounter, the purpose of our existence and the [...]

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