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Generally, farm record keeping is a tedious task. So, share that responsibility with your crop consultant and simplify your life.

Our crop consultants are there to help at each phase of the cropping cycle. Because of this, record keeping is a little simpler. We keep track of what is happening to the crop; as well as help plan for the next crop. Fertility and pesticide recommendations made by the farm advisor are easily fulfilled when complete. So, keeping everyone on the same page is also a little simpler.

Digital farm records are regularly saved and easily shared at the farms discretion. In fact, each consultant has software designed to collect and report farm activities. As a result, each of our farm consultants can help keep your farm running smooth and in line with record keeping guidelines.

Farm Record Keeping Crop Scouting Data Collection

Record Collection

All observations and recommendations entered by our farm advisors are stored. Thus, eliminating the need for the farm to double enter the information. Instead, connect and collaborate by sharing information directly with your crop consultant.

Grower Focused Report Design

Paramount Reports is designed to deliver the reports growers need for optimal efficiency. All reports are clear and concise.

Effortless Delivery

Without a doubt, report delivery is simple but flexible. Crop consultants have the option to print, email or text reports. And, if you want to keep all your reports organized, download the app to enhance your record keeping abilities.

Report Library

Historical farm records are quickly accessed with the Paramount Reports app. In other words, your reports are stored and accessible to you at any time. Easily search and filter to find a needed report in the Report Library.

Farm Record Keeping List of Reports


When you enter farm records once, then report over them in a variety of useful ways. At this point, farm record keeping gets a little simpler.

Reports provided when working with a crop consultant:



  • Supply List

  • Planted Variety List

  • Sprayer Load Sheet
  • Management Zone Prescriptions

  • Nutrient Rec Summary
  • Irrigation Rec Summary


  • Soil Test Chart

  • Test Summary
  • Soil Test Sheet
  • Sampling Lab Check In


  • Field Report
  • Crop Population
  • Growth Stage by Date
  • Moisture Status & Growth Stage
  • Moisture Chart
  • Summary Comments
  • Crop Health Imagery
Obviously an iPhone showing a report.

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