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More Than Just Crop Scouting

Our crop scouting services are part of the crop consulting package. We work with farms throughout the entire growing cycle. Not just while the crop is in the ground, but also during the crop planning stages. This gives you and the crop consultant the advantage of knowing the entire life cycle of the field. Thus making it simpler to predict and respond to issues before the seed is even in the ground.

The benefits don’t stop at pests though. By integrating precision ag tools directly into our crop scouting services we optimize their use. For example, crop health imagery is excellent for seeing issues before they are visible to the naked eye. By monitoring the imagery our consultants get a head start on resolving the problems. In addition, some issues target zones within the field. In this case, on-demand variable rate prescriptions can save time and money.

Regular field checks remain an important part of our crop scouting services. Yes, sensors and technology do have their place. But boots on the ground still provide the quickest way to get the most complete field overview.

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