Since 1996 Crop Quest has been offering precision ag services. Precision ag or site-specific agriculture has gone through more than a few changes in this time. As much as precision ag has evolved, Crop Quest has also evolved. We incorporate the best precision ag tools into our services. Only the technologies that have been proven to return results in production ag make it. With our team of crop consultants and precision ag specialists, producers can be sure their information is being handled by people who understand farming – from soil to software.


Scouts are typically seasonal help with a narrow focus. For example, there are bug scouts, weed scouts and disease scouts. They focus solely on those specific problems.

However, a field is an interconnected system. Therefore, adjustments in one area impact other areas. For example, changing a fertility program affects plant health, which in turn affects disease tolerance.

The point is that by having a more complete understanding of the farm, better precision ag services can be given.

The same reasoning holds true for soil samplers and precision ag specialists. Of course these are skilled individuals. Still, they don’t typically have the agronomic knowledge that a consultant does. This is also why combining these specialties into one consulting package allows them to be fully leveraged for the farms benefit.

Crop Quest farm advisors lead the way for producers wanting to use precision ag services on their farm. Field management data such as yield maps, soil texture maps, crop health imagery, soil sample results & more are all easily accessible to the farm advisor and client. This gives every Crop Quest agronomist the ability to make sound variable rate recommendations on demand.