Most crop consultants bring value to a farm, but Crop Quest Agronomists bring even more value, and one of the big reasons is because of the simple fact that we’re an employee-owned company.

One can tell why this holds true by reading our mission statement.

“Crop Quest is an employee-owned company dedicated to providing the highest quality agricultural services for each customer. The quest of our network of professionals is to practice integrity and innovation to ensure our services are economically and environmentally sound.”

At Crop Quest, we believe in bringing more value to our clients by looking out for the best interest of our producers. Many suppliers push certain product that claim to increase yield, or enhance growth, but the results are usually to the benefit of the retailer instead of for the producer. With our agronomists, you not only get unbiased recommendations, but we bring our expertise and confidence to recommend products that bring results.

There are many companies out there claiming that their products increase yields, often for a costly amount. We’d caution one to sort through the options, and look for sound agronomy behind your decision. For instance, many so called fertilizer products are not going to bring any more yield to the table than simply having a sound fertility program in place.

Not only do we bring unbiased recommendations, but we also keep up on the latest changes in technology.  Utilizing today’s technology can increase your bottom line.  The vast number of data layers available to producers are allowing for more precise decisions to be made, and the equipment available allows producers to create fields within fields to better manage inputs.  There are many companies offering “technology services” that show pretty pictures and look good, but most don’t have an understanding on how to add sound agronomic knowledge to the data. In many cases their program is built around moving more seed, fertilizer, or other inputs, instead of precisely applying inputs for both sound agronomic and economic reasons.

Can you really afford to trust your agronomy expertise to the local supplier that is pushing their interest, and not necessarily completely looking out for your bottom line?

Written by: Grant Havel, St. Francis, KS