Logan McGarrah, Crop Quest Agronomist

Sustainability, sustainability, susta….. I’m sure you’ve heard this buzz word around the farm shows and producer meetings lately. Considering the environmental impact of production decisions is not new to Crop Quest however.

Do you remember the first time you met your Crop Quest Agronomist? You probably remember receiving a business card with all your agronomist’s important information. We are fortunate as a company that for many of you this happened years ago, but perhaps you can remember that this card was unique in that it had our company’s mission statement printed right on the back of the card.  Part of that mission statement says “The quest of our network of professionals is to practice integrity and innovation to ensure our services are economically and environmentally sound.

Crop Quest was founded by many of the pioneers of modern crop consulting, and from the beginning they practiced sound environmental stewardship. And, why wouldn’t they? After all, your Crop Quest Agronomist is a member of your community.  We live and work right alongside you. You may have been hunting or fishing with them, your children play in the same parks, and your water comes from the same aquifer. For those of us who spend time on the farm, we know that no one is more concerned about maintaining a healthy and productive environment in our communities than those who call them home.

Unfortunately, most Americans do not spend time on the farm any longer; they are forced to suffice their curiosity of where calories come from with what they glean from the internet, commercials and other news articles. Today’s consumer is less tolerant of any perceived negative environmental consequences than in generations past. This is why practicing good stewardship isn’t just good ethics, it’s good business.

Thankfully chemists continue to develop new products that offer improved margins for human safety, provide superior control of the target pest, which break down quickly in the environment. But are they all better, safer, or really worth the switch? This is where having a trusted advisor who has been educated in the modern chemistries and gets to observe efficacy across thousands of acres pays.

Each time your Crop Quest Advisor makes a recommendation, remember they are considering what product will provide the adequate level of control, with the best return on investment, with the lowest possible risk to the environment.  And that is good for us all.

Written by: Logan McGarrah