In addition to traditional crop input decisions, Crop Quest customers utilize their farm consultant to help make extensive crop planning decisions. Decisions that are centered around technology and biotechnology tools.  The growth in the collection and use of data is changing the way decisions are made on the farm.  Crop Quest is growing right along with all these advancements.

We continue to add services that effectively shift the farm consulting focus. Traditionally, consultants were focused on making day to day recommendations for a particular crop in the field. Now, farm consultants are more focused on the field that happens to be planted to a specific crop. The difference seems minor, but  leads to a plan that returns the highest profit for our customers.

This doesn’t sound that earth shattering, but it is a fundamental change. All the decisions that need to be made on a field to grow a crop are intertwined.  The seed alone, with its specific traits, determines the management practices for weed, insect and disease control.  Soil conditions determine the productivity of the ground. Not to mention, the need for specific nutrients and soil amendments.  The management of water, and protecting this finite resource has become a huge priority.  Historical yield data, EM data, or crop health imagery can determine productivity zones of the field.  All this information combined allows for specific zones to be treated differently within fields or across a farm.

Crop Quest helps plan an entire strategy to place crop inputs where they will give the best return.  Crop planning services – in addition to crop input recommendations enhance the overall value of the crop consulting services by increasing profits and yields while controlling overall costs.

The traditional crop scout is a thing of the past. You can bet that we still walk fields very intensively. But farmers have never paid us for the number of miles we walk. Your farm consultant is there to help make the best decisions for your operation. Without a doubt, those decisions should be based on field observations, knowledge and experience, combined with farm-specific and field specific data layers.  The data and tools we use to put that data into an actionable recommendation is paying dividends to our customers.  With this in mind, there is no better place to get a comprehensive strategy to make the right decisions on your farm.  Your Crop Quest consultant is your full-service agronomy manager.  We make sense of the complex world of production agriculture.

If you are not utilizing your farm consultant to help you better manage all your acreage, call your local Crop Quest Agronomist. Find out how we can tailor services to fit your entire operation.