As a farmer, it is easy to get frustrated in this profession knowing the risk you take everyday to run and grow a successful operation.  And, sometimes it seems that what we do is mundane or is underappreciated, and with commodity prices perpetually in the dumps, just not “worth it”. 

Well, that was cheery! 

But, it is obvious that anyone working in agriculture sees a higher purpose than this!  If our profession was strictly what is stated above, none of us would be working in this business.  It is so much more.  We all have a profound love for what we do.  More importantly, it is WHY we do what we do that matters.  Being a part of an industry that gets to see a product develop from a tiny dry seed or fertilized egg to end products that are essential to life itself is something only a tiny percentage of our society gets to experience and is incredibly special.

Being part of an industry that has always embraced new technology, found innovative ways to solve problems, continue to produce more with less, gives opportunity to learn more everyday – are all reasons we continue to do what we do.  It is why we anxiously wait for the next growing season, the next harvest, the next innovation, the next idea.  I believe anyone would be hard-pressed to find another industry that can rival the advances made in agriculture over time, and the advances that will be made in the future!  And very few industries – if any – can be deemed more important.

These are the reasons we all wake up in the morning willing to do the hard work that is ‘agriculture’.  These are the reasons we take the risks that we do.  These are the reasons why we accept the hand Mother Nature deals us.  These are the reasons we are patient enough to wait – for a day to plant and for a day to harvest. 

As an Agronomist, we are privileged to work alongside producers, and get to learn right along with them.  We are fortunate to experience all the innovative ways this industry develops to grow more every year.  And we are grateful for the opportunity to work with the greatest group of people in the world.  We do not say thank you enough.  So, to our customers, THANK YOU for allowing us to be a part of your operation.  We truly appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow with you.  We are thankful to be a part of your ‘Why’.

Written by: Dwight Koops, President