John-Hecht-webAt Crop Quest, you can find our mission statement around nearly every corner of our business – from our website’s homepage, business cards and even hanging in the lobby of our office. It’s a reminder to every one of our employee-owners, customers or business partners that we encounter, the purpose of our existence and the customers that we serve.

When we started our company in 1992, it was started for both the benefit of ourselves and the growers we serve. By being employee-owned and not selling any products, we have the ability to work with individual producers and recommend the products that fit each individual farm. This is important as we work through the maze of products that are available to be used on farms. Many of the products available can do the job, but we strive to customize recommendations tailored to our customers’ individual fields. The goal is to recognize the individual needs of our customers, and customize the services we offer.

You’ll notice the word integrity is also in our mission statement. Agriculture seems to be one of the few industries left in our country where a man’s word and a handshake still have value. I believe that integrity and trust can be used interchangeably. We understand that trust is hard to earn and is easy to lose. We strive to earn and keep the trust of our clients that we are doing the right job and are doing it the best we can.

Innovation is another key word in our mission statement. Agriculture is constantly changing, as we all know. Those that can adapt to change will survive and thrive. Those that can’t will struggle. That is why Crop Quest is always looking and trying new technologies and techniques so that we can help the people we work for be successful in the future.

We, like the rest of the growers that we serve, strive to use the products at our disposal responsibly, so as to leave things better than when we started.

So the next time you see our logo and the phrase “Employee-Owned & Customer Driven”, please remember the mission statement that is behind it.  It’s not just a saying – we strive to live by it.

Written by: John Hecht, Wichita, KS