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Rain, Rain and More Rain…The Benefits of Satellite Imagery

Throughout the year, we look to our Agronomists and Precision Ag Specialists for their expertise and input on providing timely and knowledgeable articles to our customers and industry leaders via our electronic newsletter. Every summer, we challenge our Interns to do the same. We award up to 5 scholarships per year for winning articles. The [...]

Drone Feedlot Inventory – How Are You Counting Thousands of Head of Cattle?

Managing cattle inventory and reconciling yard sheets plays a major role in any feedyard operation. Whether you’re an accountant needing a feedlot audit, a lender requiring a cattle inspection, changing yard managers or transitioning ownership of a feedyard, capturing cattle inventory is critical. Drone Feedlot Inventory Services will not only help you quickly capture images [...]

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Innovation in Action: Multi-Hybrid Planting

One of the great things about precision agriculture is that technology is constantly evolving in order to make farming more productive. Variable rate fertilization and seeding is becoming increasingly popular and continues to be adopted rapidly throughout the Great Plains. From this, a new technology has emerged and farmers in the market for a new planter [...]

InfoAg – Capturing Innovative Ideas

The first InfoAg conference was held in 1995. In 2001, I attended my first conference as a fresh hire at Crop Quest.  It seems like a long time ago, but I can still remember the excitement that came with it. Precision Ag was in its infancy and there was always something new to discover. But then again, I suppose that's the nature of being on the cutting edge. There [...]

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Agriculture – The Pot of Gold No One Told You About

Did you realize that agriculture is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? That question may have you shaking your head in complete disbelief. However, there are people and companies out there that think just that. Ever since Monsanto bought Climate Corp. for nearly ONE BILLION DOLLARS, every venture capitalist investment firm [...]

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How Much Profit Are You Leaving Out In The Field?

To answer that question, you must look at what impacts profit. Profit = Income – Expense The equation is simple at first glance.  Dig a little deeper though and growers discover ways to improve a farm’s bottom line.  For example, yield influences both the income and expense side of the profit equation. That makes understanding [...]

Start Preparing For Your 2018 Wheat Crop – Now!

Wheat harvest will wrap up shortly across the High Plains.  It was an interesting year.  A dry fall and winter was followed by an unusually wet spring.  Late freeze and snow events added to the roller coaster that is growing wheat! As you prepare for sowing wheat again this fall, it is time to look [...]

How Split Applications Are Evolving

Recently I was asked to contribute to an article Precision Ag Professional was putting together.  The point of view from the corn belt on split applications was interesting.  I was a little surprised at the implied low number of split applications being made in the corn belt since this is a well-established practice under a [...]

Defining a Comprehensive Crop Consultant

In addition to traditional crop input decisions, Crop Quest customers utilize their consultant to help make extensive crop planning decisions centered around technology and biotechnology tools.  The growth in the collection and use of data is changing the way decisions are made on the farm.  With all these advancements, Crop Quest is growing right along [...]

When Average Won’t Cut It – Variable Rate Soygreen Application

The current commodity prices have growers everywhere going through their crop budgets with a fine-toothed comb.  Finding a trusted advisor to make sure expenses are managed properly is important in this environment.  With slim margins, average isn't going to cut it in 2017.  It's going to take exceptional management during these difficult times to sustain [...]

Trends In Agriculture – What Will The Next 25 Years Bring?

Crop Quest Celebrates 25 Years of Service to Production Agriculture 2017 brings a milestone to Crop Quest. In February, Crop Quest will celebrate 25 years in business. We have served farmer/producers across the center of this great country for a quarter century now. In that time, we have all witnessed huge changes in production agriculture. [...]

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Slow Time – Is There Really Such a Thing Anymore?

I have often been asked over the years, “So what do you guys do in your slow time during the winter months?”  I have to admit, the pace of the winter months isn’t nearly as hectic as the summer months when crops are growing, but this period is far from slow. With the constantly increasing [...]

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Precision Agriculture – Keeping It Simple

When I started with Crop Quest in 2010, the term precision agriculture was only meant for the producers who were on the cutting edge of technology. In just this short amount of time the meaning of this term has changed tremendously. Now it encompasses a wide variety of tools, and is utilized by most agricultural [...]

Tough Times Bring Tough Decisions

Utilize common sense and new technology to your advantage. Tough economic times tends to tighten everyone's belt, and that is when farmers need to be aware of how they separate the necessary from the unnecessary. With so many products on the market today all claiming that your crop can’t do without them, it’s difficult to [...]

Are You Managing Water Efficiently?

Being from Missouri, interning with Crop Quest in Southwest Kansas was a huge change and learning experience for me, as the agriculture industry is completely different here from what I am used to! There was one thing I was all too familiar with though; water management. During my time with the Precision Ag Team, I [...]