Where to Start When Searching for a Precision Path?

A question commonly asked when discussing Precision Ag (PA) is, “How is Precision Ag going to benefit my farm?”  Benefits can take many different forms depending on the precision tool and its use, from generating more money to saving time to business advancement. Attaining any of these benefits will involve setting a goal, building a [...]

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Variable Rate Seeding: Easier Than You Think

Your planter may be smarter than you think!  If you were capable of dropping seeds in the field exactly where you would like them, you could expect the plants to respond in a positive way and ultimately maximize yield in that particular spot in the field.  Variable rate seeding is a major step to reaching [...]

Put Your Yield Data To Work

These days, combines are capable of much more than harvesting grain. They can read fields like a book.  Some of the most important information a combine can collect is yield data. Once analyzed yield data shows everything from the most productive portions of a field to the least and every zone in between. You have [...]

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GPS Soil Sampling – The Basics Exposed

GPS soil sampling marks the end of one crop, while welcoming the beginning of the next.  The decisions made at this point will affect a farms direction over the season to come.  So, it’s worth spending a little time evaluating what went well, what can be improved and how to adjust.  Hopefully this planning will [...]

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Farm Satellite Imagery: Revealing Nozzle Problems

Ever heard the phrase “too little, too late”?  Working in agriculture today, producers can’t afford for anything to be too little, or too late.  There are too many variables leading up to harvest affecting your yields.  Luckily, farm satellite imagery can identify nozzle issues and alleviate some of the unknowns. A problem that we are [...]

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Yield Mapping To Improve Crop Yield Potential

With the high costs of crop inputs, it is vital to ensure the inputs applied are necessary and beneficial.  Yield mapping can provide the key to determining the effectiveness and efficiency of the inputs. “Many producers have yield mapping capabilities but not all take advantage of the technology,” says Craig Koehn, Crop Quest Agronomist in [...]

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Does Precision Ag Pay?

“Yes is does!” exclaims Farrell Allison, Crop Quest Agronomist in the Dodge City, KS Division.  “At times, Precision Agriculture information and technology can be overwhelming but once all the pieces are together, it does pay,” he states. Allison consults on approximately 40 fields that are using some type of Precision Agriculture (PA) system. The most [...]

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