Rain, Rain, Rain…The Benefits of Crop Satellite Imagery

Throughout the year, we look to our Agronomists and Precision Ag Specialists for their expertise and input on providing timely and knowledgeable articles to our customers and industry leaders via our electronic newsletter. Every summer, we challenge our Interns to do the same. We award up to 5 scholarships per year for winning articles. The [...]

When Average Won’t Cut It – Variable Rate Soygreen Application

The current commodity prices have growers everywhere going through their crop budgets with a fine-toothed comb.  Finding a trusted advisor to make sure expenses are managed properly is important in this environment.  With slim margins, average isn't going to cut it in 2017.  It's going to take exceptional management during these difficult times to sustain [...]

NDVI Imagery – An Ace in the Hole!

Having an Ace up your sleeve in a card game might get your arm broke, but having one in the game of risk management might just keep you from going broke.  The Ace in the game of risk management I am referring to is in-season NDVI imagery.  Crop Health Imagery from satellites provide a valuable [...]

Crop Imagery: Early Detection Is A Key Benefit

Early detection is key - that’s what we are always told by doctors. After my summer internship with Crop Quest, one thing I learned is that early detection is key in agronomy as well. Within what seems like the blink of an eye, a small issue can go from hard to find to a yield [...]

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Precision Ag Drone Images: The True Big Data

Precision Ag, drone images, UAVs and big data are terms that you will see in nearly every farm magazine available.  These terms have become such popular topics that they are even showing up in main stream media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.  Most articles portray UAVs and drones as platforms [...]

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Modes to Managing Cotton Growth

Cotton is unique to many other row crops traditionally grown in the US.  While cotton is ordinarily a perennial, it is commercially grown as an annual in the US.  With its indeterminate nature, cotton continues to produce new foliage even after it creates a seed.  Even though vegetative growth is necessary to support reproductive growth, [...]

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Farm Satellite Imagery: Revealing Nozzle Problems

Ever heard the phrase “too little, too late”?  Working in agriculture today, producers can’t afford for anything to be too little, or too late.  There are too many variables leading up to harvest affecting your yields.  Luckily, farm satellite imagery can identify nozzle issues and alleviate some of the unknowns. A problem that we are [...]

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