The current commodity prices have growers everywhere going through their crop budgets with a fine-toothed comb.  Finding a trusted advisor to make sure expenses are managed properly is important in this environment.  With slim margins, average isn’t going to cut it in 2017.  It’s going to take exceptional management during these difficult times to sustain a profit.  As a precision consultant company, Crop Quest understands your position and is tasked with making sure we provide value to help you get a return on your dollar and manage risk.

For growers looking at raising soybeans in high pH soils this season, we have a “no-brainer” solution for you.  Chelated EDDHA Iron, more locally known as Soygreen, is a product that has been found to increase yields in high pH soils or areas where iron chlorosis is an issue, an average of 5 bushels/acre.

The cost of Soygreen is ~$6 / lbs, and with the full rate of Soygreen being 3 lbs/acre; you are looking at an $18/acre expense.  Most fields don’t have high pH areas across the entire field.  With an $18/acre cost, Soygreen is not a product you would want to apply to the entire field.  As it is unlikely that you will see a response in lower pH areas.

How do you know where to apply Soygreen?  Crop Quest can work with you to identify your high pH areas with the use of satellite imagery, yield data, or by mapping the pH of your field.  Once we have identified your high pH areas, a variable rate Soygreen prescription can be made.

How is variable rate applying Soygreen a “no-brainer” solution?  Crop Quest has collected data over the past three years that compares yields in non-iron chlorosis areas versus iron chlorosis areas.  Below is a table that breaks down the yield differences and the economic analysis that proves our “no-brainer” solution.

On high pH soil, Soygreen increased yield an average 5 bu/ac.  That’s a $45/ac increase in revenue by making an $18/ac investment.  The net is $45-$18 = $27/ac.  How many acres are of high pH spots do you have in your field?

Are you set up to variable rate apply Soygreen?  Talk to your local Crop Quest Agronomist or Precision Specialist about your equipment capabilities.  We can get you the data needed to get a variable rate Soygreen prescription.  Take advantage of this “no-brainer” solution today!