Communication is a valuable skill that Crop Quest cultivates in our employee-owners.  As a group of consultants, we deal in information.  Our services are built around knowledge and sharing that knowledge.  So when a new tool for communicating like SST Sirrus is revealed, we do all we can to take advantage of it.

When scouting, we’re using our senses and in some cases sensors to identify what’s happening in the field.  At the same time, we’re evaluating treatment options and building a plan.  The objective is to narrow it down to a few recommendations that fit the situation.  The process is anything but black-box.  It incorporates both the art of timing and the science of farming.

Next, we communicate the information to the client.  Together the ideas can be shaped into a plan to fit the needs of the farm.  That’s a critical step.  Sometimes this step is done over the phone, sometimes it’s done face to face, and other times it’s done through email.  And now, Sirrus is another tool we have to aid in efficiently communicating.

For over a decade, Crop Quest has been using SST Summit in conjunction with Paramount Reporting to generate digital reports for our customers.  Recently, we’ve leveraged that connection with SST Sirrus.  Sirrus is a FREE app currently available for the iPad, and soon to be available for the iPhone.

Sirrus provides Crop Quest clients a connection to a network of agronomic information that links the producer’s field data with data collected by their agronomist.  As a Crop Quest client running Sirrus, you’ll have quick access to current scouting observations and recommendations.  Vice versa, the agronomist will have access to information shared by the grower such as fulfilled applications.  This allows a seamless flow of information between all parties.  In addition to that, Crop Quest clients can also view historical field records.  Planting, tillage, fertilizer, crop inputs and soil sample operations are a few of the potential records available in Sirrus.

Internally we’ve been synchronizing data between Crop Quest Agronomists for years.  Now, information and data can be synchronized between the producer and their Agronomist with ease.  We’re pleased that Sirrus is now available as a free tool to expand the opportunities for client/consultant communications.

For those interested in Sirrus, follow the steps below to ensure connection with your Crop Quest Agronomist.

App Store

  • Click above to open Sirrus in the app store.
  • Download the Sirrus app and run it.
  • Sign Up for an AgX account.
  • You’ll be given an AgX SyncID (e.g. 17502) during the signup process.
  • Email the AgX SyncID to your Crop Quest Agronomist and they can help you complete the connection.

Written by: Nathan Woydziak; Hoisington, KS
Featured Image by: SST Software