Rootworm Strategies

June is the typical month for scouting western corn rootworm larvae in continuous corn fields of the high plains. Agronomists understand the damage that this pest can cause, and many hours are spent digging to examine the deep and brace roots for any signs of rootworm larvae feeding. Early detection is key to minimizing damage [...]

The Future of No-Till Farming

You have a sick child at home that has a horrible sickness. You take him to the doctor and get a prescription for treatment. You give your child the medicine and soon enough they return to normal health. A few days later the sickness returns. You go back to the doctor and receive the same [...]

Choosing The Right Corn Hybrid

Looking in the corn yield test plot booklet and selecting the top yielding corn hybrid for the last year is not the best way to select corn seed for planting this coming year. There should be lots of planning that goes into making this decision between the farmer, the corn seed dealer and the agronomist [...]

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