Understanding Grain Fill Weather – Optimizing Wheat Yield

We are headed into the all-important grain fill period of wheat where temperatures greatly affect the overall yield of the crop. Ideally, we want to see a long grain fill period. The duration of grain fill is mainly determined by temperature. The more moderate the temperatures are during this period, the longer grain fill will [...]

Grazing Wheat Tips

With the good winter moisture that we received over the High Plains, we have had some very good early growth on our wheat crop.  Cattle producers have been able to take advantage of this grazing potential which hopefully has resulted in good weight gain on their animals. But wheat grazing season is rapidly coming to [...]

Fall Wheat Planting

It’s not too early to start thinking about this fall’s wheat crop. With adequate soil moisture across the High Plains, we are looking forward to getting this upcoming wheat crop off to a good start. Starting this crop with a proper fertility program is important. Your Crop Quest Agronomist can help you with this [...]

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