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Start Preparing For Your 2018 Wheat Crop – Now!

Wheat harvest will wrap up shortly across the High Plains.  It was an interesting year.  A dry fall and winter was followed by an unusually wet spring.  Late freeze and snow events added to the roller coaster that is growing wheat! As you prepare for sowing wheat again this fall, it is time to look [...]

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What Is The Cost Of Saving Your Own Wheat Seed?

Many producers plan on saving back some wheat for seed.  This is partially a cost saving decision.  But the question is whether it truly is cheaper to save your own seed vs buying certified seed. Starting with a good quality clean seed at planting is one of the most important things we do.  We very [...]

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Managing Wheat This Spring

Well, it’s that time of year again! Spring time is quickly approaching and we are starting to see a green up in our winter wheat crops. An overall general statement would be that the wheat crop so far is looking pretty average in comparison to other years. It is very hard to make money on [...]

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Considerations For Double Crop Soybeans

With the recent uptrend in soybean prices, many producers are showing more incentive to plant double crop (DC) soybeans following irrigated wheat this season. Recent rainfall and milder temperatures have allowed many producers to save a significant amount of water during the flowering and grain fill stages of their wheat crop. In southwest and south [...]

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Jointing and First Hollow Stem in Wheat Production

In much of the Crop Quest trade area, wheat is considered a dual purpose crop.  It can be utilized for grazing and grain. The wheat is drilled earlier in the season if going for grazing only and planted at a higher seeding rate to provide plenty of forage for cattle during the winter months. When [...]

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Scout Early for Stripe Rust in Wheat

Stripe rust is caused by the fungus Puccinia striiformis and is one of the most prevalent and destructive diseases of wheat in the world.  It has caused major losses in wheat crops around the world for many decades, and it continues to be a problem.  Kansas wheat losses from Stripe Rust have been reported up [...]

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Phosphorus an Important Nutrient for Successful Wheat Production

Phosphorus is a vital nutrient for wheat and other small grain production.  In many ways it is even more important than nitrogen.  We always think of nitrogen as the nutrient that allows plants to grow vigorously, and get the crop off to a good start, but without proper phosphorus levels, adequate or excess nitrogen will [...]

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Triticale an Alternative Crop to Wheat and Rye

Triticale had a humble beginning in 1875 when hybrids of wheat and rye were made. Triticale takes its name from Triticum and Secale (Latin names for wheat and rye). As a hybrid, this grain gets the best from each of its parents. It has the hardiness of rye and will self-pollinate like wheat. Today, it [...]

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The Importance of Phosphorus Fertilizer in Wheat

Next to nitrogen, phosphorus is the most important nutrient needed by a wheat crop.  Phosphorus (P) is vital for plant development starting when wheat is just a seedling and continuing all the way to maturity.  Besides playing a role in the quality and formation of seeds, this nutrient helps ensure uniform heading, faster maturity and [...]

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Winter Wheat Management

As wheat harvest is wrapping up over a good portion of the country, “it’s not too early to start thinking about your wheat seed needs for this fall,” states Dwight Koops, Crop Quest President.  In some areas there may be shortages of seed wheat due to adverse growing conditions this past season over the High [...]

Drought Remains Concern

Spring is in the air, planting season is in progress, but what does Mother Nature have in store? “We are experiencing the worse drought since 1988 (and reminiscent of the 1930’s) in terms of coverage,” states Jeffrey Doran, Senior Business Meteorologist, Planalytics, Inc.  Most of that area consists of the Great Plains region and the [...]

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Spider Mite Management

Spider mites can be a major pest across the Crop Quest trade area.  Although we worry about spider mites mostly in corn, they can be very damaging in sorghum, wheat and soybeans as well.  This is a tough pest to kill.  In fact, when it comes to spider mites, the objective is not necessarily to [...]

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