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Nitrogen Applications Offer Growers Flexibility

As with any biological system, very few decisions about production inputs in your operation ever have a single solution. The advantages and disadvantages of the options need to be thoroughly analyzed. Agronomists often consider the four R’s when developing a fertilization scheme: The Right product, at the Right time, at the Right rate, at the Right place. Specifically considering nitrogen fertilization options, [...]

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Why The Sudden Interest In Corn Nitrogen Models?

Risk management appears to top the list of reasons. Weather causes uncertainty, which leads to questions about nitrogen movement. Nitrogen (N) losses and nitrogen use vary with the weather. Many areas this spring were wetter than normal, so growers ask where did the nitrogen go? Do I have enough N remaining in that field to [...]

CQIQ Part II: More of What We Learned in Oklahoma City

In the last post, CQIQ Part I, we highlighted a few of the topics covered at our annual conference CQIQ (Crop Quest Information Quest).  This post will wrap up the series on major topics discussed during CQIQ. Dr. Jessica Davis, Colorado State University, presented a good review of manure utilization and management during our Thursday [...]

Topdressing Wheat

Winter chill hangs in the air, but it’s not too soon to plan for topdressing. Today, we are focusing on the why, when and how of topdressing wheat. Topdressing is the process of adding a second round of nitrogen during late dormancy to early green up, compensating for any deficiencies and giving wheat an extra [...]

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Managing Anhydrous In A Strip Till Operation

Anhydrous and strip tilling can be a match made in heaven or a recipe for disaster. Seedbed preparation and a nitrogen application are accomplished at the same time with strip till, making it an efficient one pass operation. But, timing, soil type, soil moisture and application depth all affect the success of an anhydrous application. [...]

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Nitrogen Levels Vital To Sugar Beet Production

Sugar’s rich history predates the Age of Discovery, but it was Napoleon Bonaparte who started the sugar beet business.  The British had blockades in place in the West Indies and Philippines during the war, so no cane sugar was getting to France.  Napoleon commissioned his scientists to find a suitable replacement for cane sugar to [...]

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Demand for Guar Piques Grower Interest

What do shale oil, ice cream, and paper have in common? They all need guar, a member of the legume family. These products, plus many more, use ground up guar endosperm, better known as guar gum. In the past, guar has not been a crop with much publicity. As demand goes up, that is quickly [...]

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