New Dicamba Rules Coming For 2018 Include TRAINING and CERTIFICATION

The long-awaited genes that have been bred into soybeans and cotton to allow the use of dicamba over-the-top of these crops got off to a rocky start in 2017.  Whether all the cases of ‘off-site’ dicamba damage were truly from the increased use of dicamba during the growing season, the EPA and the states are [...]

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How Much Profit Are You Leaving Out In The Field?

To answer that question, you must look at what impacts profit. Profit = Income – Expense The equation is simple at first glance.  Dig a little deeper though and growers discover ways to improve a farm’s bottom line.  For example, yield influences both the income and expense side of the profit equation. That makes understanding [...]

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The Illusion

Is it just me, or do skeptics of GMO crops just like to consume products that have been treated with more pesticides? We hear about the marketing schemes touting non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, sustainable agriculture, or whatever other buzzword that can be used to prey on what I believe is an uninformed consumer. I have no [...]

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Foxtail Millet As A Low Input Intermediate Crop

Looking for an alternate crop where water shortage is an issue, there are rotation time restrictions, or cash flow is a concern? You may want to consider foxtail millet. Foxtail millet is an annual fine stem grass that is also known as German or Italian millet. It is the second most planted millet of all [...]

Alfalfa Weevil

Alfalfa weevil can cause major damage to alfalfa production during the early cuttings of the growing season.  Adult weevils lay their eggs inside the alfalfa stems in the late fall or early spring.  The hatched larvae then feed on the terminals and upper leaves of the alfalfa plant in the early spring where most of [...]

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