It’s Not Too Early to Think About Pre-Season Weed Control

Controlling weeds in your fields should be at the front of your mind even as we move into late fall, winter and early spring. Pre-season weed control will help reduce the size and population of weeds before planting next spring. Certain weed species are exponentially more manageable at this stage than at planting time. How [...]

Avoiding Insect And Weed Issues In Soybeans

Soybeans are a great option for producers to utilize in rotation.  Soybeans are not only good for the soil, they are also a good option to clean up fields for other crops in a rotation situation. To avoid weed pressure concerns, producers in Northeast Kansas tend to practice preventive treatments in the fall and early [...]

Early Burndown Herbicides Essential To Success

It seems like weed control is a year round sport anymore.  In fact, planning your herbicide program prior to any weed emerging is the key to the success of your control.  There was a time when it was vogue to wait until weeds emerged to apply herbicides.  The logic was that you knew exactly what [...]

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