arrested ear syndrome

Arrested ear development can occur if certain adjuvants are applied to corn during the vulnerable V12-14 growth stages.

Arrested Ear Development or Syndrome is a physiological condition caused when certain stresses are present in corn during specific growth stages. While these conditions are not always predictable, there is one controllable management practice to deter arrested ears. Avoid using certain nonionic surfactants or oils during later vegetative growth stages, as they can harm the corn plant and potentially trigger the syndrome.

It is reasonably common to apply fungicides or miticides during the later vegetative stages – V10 to VT.  When those treatments are necessary, it is important to evaluate what additives are acceptable to be put in the tank.  If additives are required, check with the manufacturer for a list of specific products that are compatible and won’t trigger Arrested Ears.  The best way to avoid this problem is to avoid surfactants or oils in the tank if pesticide efficacy is not greatly affected.  Keep in mind that certain product formulations may already include surfactants.  It’s important to read product labels closely to make sure you know what’s in the jug.

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Photo Credit: University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources Crop Watch, Tamra Jackson Ziems