Planting Season Is Upon Us

Planting season is upon us! Hands down, the planting operation is the most important pass of the season. Take the time to ensure yourself of an even stand, and a stand that emerges as close to the same time as possible. A little extra personal discipline to focus on the details will ensure that the results you see on the combine meet your expectations!   Here [...]

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Grower Focus: Take-Aways from Randy Dowdy

If you attended our Grower Focus event on February 7, you heard Randy Dowdy, National Corn and Soybean Yield Record Setter visit about the importance of timing and attention to detail. We had a large crowd join us at Grower Focus. We wanted to emphasize a few of the key points that Randy [...]

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Planter Tune-Up Tips

Time really flies doesn’t it?  It’s already 2014 and for a lot of you, corn will begin to go into the ground in 60 days.  Our producers in Uvalde, Texas are already running! So is that planter ready for the season?  Just remember that this pass through the field will be the most important one [...]

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