Planting season is upon us! Hands down, the planting operation is the most important pass of the season. Take the time to ensure yourself of an even stand, and a stand that emerges as close to the same time as possible. A little extra personal discipline to focus on the details will ensure that the results you see on the combine meet your expectations!  

Here are a few key points to keep in mind as you prepare for this planting season: 

  • Inspect and replace all worn parts on your planter 
  • Make sure parallel linkage rides parallel to the tool bar 
  • Make sure there is no gap in double disk openers 
  • Seed can bounce in a worn, or poor seed tube.  Replace or upgrade  
  • Closing wheels need to be centered on the row 
  • Calibrate seed meters  
  • Consider seed firmers 
  • Calibrate the fertilizer system, and ensure proper placement of fertilizer 
  • Start with a good seedbed 
  • Row cleaners need to move trash, not soil 
  • Watch your speed while planting.  Slower speeds increase accuracy of spacing and depth  
  • Plant at a proper depth.  Too deep is better than too shallow, especially under cooler conditions 
  • Field conditions vary.  Dig behind your planter early, often and in all fields. 
  • Remember, no two rows along a planter are exactly alike – but the results of each row need to be as close as possible to each other 

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