Randy-Waldren-webWe all have a perception as to the value of a product or the service we receive. Sometimes there can be more value in the service than what was originally stated or perceived. This is when we have to look at the bigger picture.

Crop Quest Agronomists are part of a large network that covers the Great Plains states. Producers have expectations of the value they receive from our agronomists. For example when our agronomists make herbicide recommendations, the decisions are based on what is the most effective and affordable means to control resistant weed populations, bringing more value to your operation.

Another example is irrigation. Groundwater is the most valuable resource in the Great Plains. Our agronomists work with producers to decide on crop and hybrids that will allow them to grow the most effective crop on the water that is allocated.

Precision ag has been around for almost two decades. Right now, aerial imagery is taking a foothold in agriculture. With various services offered by a number of companies, a lot of pretty pictures and videos are being taken. However, there is no value in the image alone. It takes someone on the ground to proof these images. This not only comes from someone actually walking the field, but more importantly, someone that knows the variables that may be causing the problem.

Is it soil type, fertility, disease, pest or weather damage?

Our agronomists take into consideration all these variables; and then come up with a solution that brings real value to the images.

Planning crop rotations and herbicide strategies for future years is an important part of our service. Because of our vast network of agronomists, we can alert other agronomists and producers of insect and disease movement across the country. The shared knowledge within our company allows producers to plan ahead for future cropping seasons and brings great value to the producer’s operation.

Record keeping is a very important function of your Crop Quest Agronomist. Information on each field, with respect to hybrid selection, herbicide use and efficacy, fertility and other pesticides used is the most valuable information our agronomists can keep. As production agriculture becomes more challenging, accurate records are the only way to keep track of inputs and their efficacy.

Each of our producers has their own perspective as to what value their Crop Quest Agronomist brings to their operation. Our agronomists look to meet the needs and goals of each producer, so the proper information and recommendations can be delivered to meet those goals. The tangible benefits that Crop Quest can bring to our producers is only worthwhile when there is an open line of communication between the producer and the agronomist. Only then can expectations be met and exceeded by both parties.

Written by: Randy Waldren
Featured Image by: Soil Science, Aerial Photo of Center Pivot Irrigation Systems, flickr.com