The key to a successful weed control program starts with a pre-season herbicide treatment. The mantra of ‘start clean, stay clean’ highlights the importance of early intervention for producers aiming for optimal weed management throughout the season. 

As we transition into spring, producers are actively implementing their “burndown” applications, recognizing the critical role they play in priming fields for subsequent treatments. By incorporating appropriate residual herbicides into these applications, we establish a robust defense mechanism. This effectively safeguards fields against weed encroachment until the pre-emerge or early post-emerge stage.

Early season weed competition poses a significant threat to yield.  Weeds compete with crops for vital resources like water, nutrients, and sunlight, disrupting uniform growth and resulting in yield loss. Eliminating this competition during the early growth stages, particularly before crop canopy formation, is imperative.  Relying solely on post-emergence weed control programs is risky due to resistance and environmental factors. This can lead to increased weed escapes and only partial control of certain species. Therefore, implementing a comprehensive weed management strategy involving spring burndowns followed by residual pre-emergence herbicides ensures more effective results. 

It’s essential to stay vigilant throughout the growing season. Regular scouting allows for early detection of weed resurgence or new weed species, enabling timely intervention. Adjustments to herbicide programs may be necessary based on changing weed populations and environmental conditions. Collaboration with your agronomist ensures a proactive approach to weed management, reducing the likelihood of yield loss due to weed competition 

We are here to help!

Visit with your Crop Quest Agronomist to make sure you are applying proper tank-mixes of herbicides that match your weed spectrum, residual needs, and crop rotation plans.  By leveraging our expertise, producers can optimize weed control strategies, maximizing both yield potential and profitability. The strategic integration of burndown herbicides sets the stage for a successful weed control program, laying the groundwork for higher yields at the end of the season.