It appears that we are heading into a drier than normal spring across the High Plains, and the long-term weather forecast is for normal to below normal precipitation this summer.  So, what else is new!

Many irrigators are already utilizing a portion of their water allotment to fill the moisture profile prior to planting, and for stand establishment early in the growing season.  All this adds up to less available water during the critical grain fill periods, and periods of hot weather that we are bound to experience this summer.

It is imperative that water use early in the season is monitored closely, so the entire allotted amount can be managed properly to get the most yield from your allotment.  The penalties for overuse are a tough pill to swallow, and can affect a producer’s ability to pump  andater in the future.

Crop Quest Agronomists need to work closely with producers to make sure all parties know how much water has already been applied, and how much of the allotment remains for the rest of the growing season.  This is the only way we can work together to make sure we have the necessary water available to finish the crop with as little stress as possible.

Crop Quest has created a very useful tool to help monitor water use and manage allotments.  It is called Water Meter Log. This is a tool that allows you to enter your flow meter readings anytime you visit the well.  The information can be shared with any and all personnel involved in managing the irrigation on the field – your farm manager, irrigation manager, and your Crop Quest Agronomist.  This web based tool is very interactive.  Meter readings can be entered and shared with any number of parties.  Instantly, farm managers will know the status of each well, and be able to plan ahead, especially as a well nears the end of the allotment.

So, don’t get caught not knowing how much water you can still pump this growing season.  Keep up with the status of all the wells on your farm.  All it takes is a simple setup, with an easy way to enter meter readings anytime you go to the well.  Record keeping becomes a breeze using this program.

If you are a current Crop Quest customer, this program is free for you to use.  If you are not a current Crop Quest customer, you still have access to this app.  You can even try the program for free.  Just visit our Water Meter Log website.  If you have any questions about this very useful tool, please don’t hesitate to contact any Crop Quest Representative 620-225-2233.