Crop Quest is excited to announce that Randy Dowdy, US and world record yield breaker for corn and soybeans, is coming to Dodge City, on Friday, February 7, 2020.

For grain producers, is maximizing the return on investment synonymous with maximizing yield?  Is increasing return on investment synonymous with cutting costs?  The short answer to both of these is actually no. Maximizing yield for the sake of higher yield might mean adding unnecessary inputs that have little to no chance of maintaining the yield potential of a crop.  On the other end, cutting costs to try to save money will tend to reduce yield that could easily have been preserved by good management of essential inputs.

For growers who deal with fluctuating commodity prices, it is imperative that revenue is maximized.  Grain should be considered as currency, so growing more bushels is important to earning a higher return on investment.  The key is to put all the proper inputs into the crop – at the right time – and preserve as much yield potential as possible.  There is a misconception that certain inputs can add yield to a field.  In reality, all inputs can do is help reduce any loss of yield POTENTIAL.  So, focusing on inputs that will give the best chance for a return is key.  And focusing on timing is even more crucial.

2019 has been a challenging year.  Certain areas of the country experienced weather delays that are putting growers in a tough financial position.  Other areas are profiting from the unusually beneficial rains.  Regardless of the situation any grower may be in, it remains important to maximize return on investment by continuing to put all the necessary inputs into a crop so the highest yield possible can occur for the hand we are dealt.

This is where we believe Crop Quest is most important to have on your team.  We do not have a product lineup to sell our customers.  Our mission is to help our customers to become more efficient and more profitable through our consulting and recommendations.

This February, we are hosting a public event called Grower Focus.  It is open to the entire farming community. We have asked Randy Dowdy to come to Dodge City on Friday, February 7, 2020.

We hope you will join us at the United Wireless Arena at the Boot Hill Casino & Resort to hear Randy talk about how to maximize your inputs to grow higher yields on your ground.

Randy Dowdy is a national corn and soybean yield champion.  He is a first-generation farmer that has not been afraid to ask questions and learn what it takes to get the most out of your ground, and he is anxious to share his experiences with us!

This interactive seminar is going to be much more than a focus on growing the highest yields possible.  It is meant to challenge growers to better understand the plant, the soil and the environment that affects our ability to retain the most yield potential in all our crops.

Sometimes improving your operation starts with asking “Why?”.  Randy will challenge you to question what you are doing and share ideas that can be implemented on your operation. Whether you agree or disagree with the practices these high yielding producers employ, we are confident that you will find the information presented valuable and inspire you to continue to improve your bottom line.

Our Crop Quest Team is delighted to be able to host this event.  Come and meet with our Crop Quest Team and enjoy a wonderful Prime Rib lunch as well!

We encourage you to register today at or call 620-225-2233. Use promo code: EarlyBird to receive $5 off registration.