Crop Quest President & Agronomist, Dwight Koops, digging for cutworms

Crop Quest President & Agronomist, Dwight Koops, digging for cutworms.

The season has kicked off with warmer temperatures allowing alfalfa to break for many and wheat is putting on new tillers – especially on some of the later planted wheat fields.  

Unfortunately, these warmer temperatures are making army cutworms active as well. These critters feed on new shoots in alfalfa and small grains. Our Agronomists are checking fields right now to determine whether damage is present, or if there is enough of a population present to justify treating them. 

If you notice that your fields are not greening up as quickly as they should in this warmer weather, it is worth finding out whether cutworms may be the culprit.   

It’s also not too early to experience aphid problems in alfalfa and small grains too. Aphids can do long-lasting damage in early spring when temperatures are still low. Even though the growing season is just getting started, it is not unusual to have to deal with pests like these right out of the gate. 

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