We are pleased to announce the expansion of Crop Quest to the area. Originally from Cuba, KS – Grant Havel is bringing decades of crop consulting knowledge to Northcentral Kansas and Southcentral Nebraska. Grant is a twenty-three-year veteran in crop consulting and precision agronomy.

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Most crop consultants bring value to a farm, but Crop Quest Agronomists bring even more value; and one of the big reasons is because of the simple fact that we’re an employee-owned company.

Working with a 100% employee-owned company, means you are working with an owner. Taking more pride in our business is part of the deal. One can tell why this holds true by reading our mission statement.

“Crop Quest is an employee-owned company dedicated to providing the highest quality agricultural services for each customer. The quest of our network of professionals is to practice integrity and innovation to ensure our services are economically and environmentally sound.”

Crop Quest Agronomists provide detailed field reports delivered via text, email or printed copies.

At Crop Quest, we believe in bringing more value to our clients by looking out for the best interest of our producers. With our agronomists, you not only get unbiased recommendations, but we bring our expertise and confidence to recommend products that bring results. Let us help you sort through the options and look for sound agronomy behind your decision.

“This expansion marks another significant milestone in evolving with the ag industry. As a network, we are fortunate to continue doing what we love every day with the greatest people on earth. We are fortunate and extremely excited to grow alongside you in our future endeavors,” – Dwight Koops, Crop Quest President

Dwight also holds strong ties in Northcentral Kansas, with roots in Downs.
Read The Importance of an Ag Partnership for more insight from Dwight.

Not only do we bring unbiased recommendations, but we also keep up on the latest changes in technology. Utilizing today’s technology can increase your bottom line. The vast number of data layers available to producers are allowing for more precise decisions to be made, and the equipment available allows producers to create fields within fields to better manage inputs.

Grant is very familiar with the area, and definitely not new to crop consulting – we are confident that he will bring tremendous knowledge and value to your operation. Partnering with an employee-owned consulting company, you receive much more than a bug scout, we bring an entire network of trained and competent Agronomists to your farm.

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