With a succession plan in place, Crop Quest is able to better develop team members for planned and unplanned losses of key leaders within the company.  Beginning January 1, 2013 Dwight Koops of Ulysses, Kansas will be promoted to President.  Former President, Ron O’Hanlon will simultaneously begin his duties as CEO (Chief Executive Officer).  O’Hanlon will mentor and assist Koops with his transition to the Dodge City Headquarter Office this coming summer.  Rob Benyshek of Ulysses, KS will step into the position of Western Region Vice-President on January 1st as well.

These key leaders along with the next generation are responsible for driving Crop Quest to the next level, building on the solid foundation we have now.  With several changes set forth for 2013, one thing you can expect to stay unchanged is the dedication to quality service for each customer in which Crop Quest was founded on.