As we head toward maturity of this year’s crop, this is a great time to start evaluating the hybrids that you planted this year, and also start evaluating newer hybrids that you will have the opportunity to see in test plots in your area. The combine will give us the final judgement, but we can learn a lot from observing how each hybrid looks during the growing season. Evaluations such as – how well did the hybrid withstand drought, wind, nutrient or soil conditions, ear flex, crop canopy, disease tolerance, etc. These observations will help you determine whether a hybrid should stay in your lineup, or whether you need to find alternatives. It is likely that newer hybrids and varieties will have some yield improvement over current product lines, so incorporating newer hybrids and seed technology each year is vital to increasing your year over year potential.

Choosing the right hybrids and seed technology is one of the most crucial decisions that a grower makes. Matching specific hybrids to specific fields and conditions is equally important. We encourage you to visit your local seed plot tours to get a look at newer hybrids and technology. Each year, our staff meets with representative from seed companies to discuss new hybrids or varieties. In addition, our agronomists constantly exchange yield data with each other across the company, evaluating performance and noting problems. With this information in hand, our staff can recommend the best variety for each client’s field.

If you would like our help on your operation, don’t hesitate to get a hold of your local Crop Quest Agronomist, or find the nearest one by calling 620-225-2233.