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Build Professional Customized
Reports for SST Summit and
Sirrus Data

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Paramount Reports
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Looking for clean, organized, and detailed reports for use with SST Sirrus and Summit?

Paramount Reports syncs your agX data and provides a multitude of report types so that you can provide your clients with the most professional crop reporting on the market.
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What is Paramount Reports?

Paramount Reports is a report generation tool for SST Summit and Sirrus data, designed to generate customized reports that better utilize data that is entered using SST Summit and Sirrus software.

Paramount connects directly with agX and pulls in your growers, farms, and fields and their associated data.  The app then provides concise, organized, and colorized reports.  The full list of reports is as follows:

  • Crop Population

  • Field Report

  • Growth Stage by Date

  • Irrigation Recommendation

  • Management Zone Prescriptions

  • Management Zone Soil Tests

  • Planted Variety List

  • Pre Season Field Plan

  • Recommendation Summary

  • Shopping List

  • Soil Moisture Chart

  • Soil Sampling

  • Soil Test Chart

  • Soil Test Summary

  • Sprayer Load Sheet

  • Summary Content

Find out how Paramount Reports can set you apart from your competitors

Feature rich and clean, customized reports for your business or personal needs.
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