Managing Resistance Requires Multitude of Tools

If you are involved in agriculture, you have been inundated with information about resistance management. Most of the conversation is centered around herbicide and insecticide resistance that is occurring due to the ability of plants and insects to adapt over time to repeated applications of a similar active ingredient.  Many of the issues we deal [...]

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Burndown Herbicides

Herbicides play a major role when it comes to controlling weeds, while protecting the environment. By knowing what to expect from different herbicides, a weed control program can be put in place that meets the goals of each farm, both from an economic as well as an environmental standpoint. There are two broad categories of herbicides, [...]

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Making The Most Of Your Herbicides

Controlling weeds is becoming a difficult and expensive task. A common assumption made when a group of weeds are not killed by a herbicide application is that the weeds are resistant. While weed herbicide resistance is unfortunately common, other factors can play a role. The weather is a huge variable in farming which directly affects [...]

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Diversifying Weed Control

One of the most effective weed control strategies, but is often overlooked, is cultural weed control. This method is often the most economical form of weed control because it can be as simple as adjusting practices that are already in place. In my opinion, six of the most common approaches include using narrower rows higher [...]

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Be Careful Not to Skimp on the Free Stuff in Your Herbicide Programs

Managing and controlling herbicide resistant weeds has become a huge issue across the United States for over a decade.  Each year we see new states and additional weeds added to the list with confirmed resistance.  Producers are being forced to move away from low cost glyphosate-based herbicide programs in search of newer herbicide technology that [...]

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