Monitoring Water Use Through Water Meter Log

It appears that we are heading into a drier than normal spring across the High Plains, and the long-term weather forecast is for normal to below normal precipitation this summer.  So, what else is new! Many irrigators are already utilizing a portion of their water allotment to fill the moisture profile prior to planting, and [...]

Recent Rains Bring Hope for Summer Crops

The High Plains have experienced an extended drought for the past number of years.  Lower than average precipitation has plagued some areas for over a decade.  Years like 2011 and 2012 rivaled some of the dry, hot years of the 1930’s and 1950’s.  Recently, the weather pattern has been a little more tolerable, and soaking [...]

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Know Your Water Holding Capacity

Soils vary in many different ways.  They differ in texture, infiltration rates, tilth, permeability, depth, organic matter content, and water holding capacity - to name a few. Soils are made up of three main components: sand, silt and clay.  The proportion of each component determines the soil texture.  Each soil texture has its own Water [...]