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Controlling Sunflower Stem Borer May Not Include the Use of an Insecticide

The ever increasing pest in sunflowers, the sunflower stem borer also called the soybean stem borer, is causing more damage and harvest loss to fields across sunflower producing areas. Many times you are not aware that you have a problem until you see plants lodging before harvest. Sometimes the damage may be confused with the [...]

For the Love of Sunflowers

For Grant Havel, one of the most rewarding aspects of working with farmers is to achieve their goals throughout the season. An alumnus of Fort Hays State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture, Grant is the Division Manager in Northwest Kansas and has been with Crop Quest for 16 years. When developing long [...]

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Corn Vs. Grain Sorghum In Water Limited Scenarios

Drought conditions continue to persist across much of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, and Eastern Colorado.  The US drought monitor reports that most of these areas are experiencing either extreme or exceptional drought, which are the two highest levels of drought that are reported.  Most long range weather forecasts are expecting drought conditions to [...]

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