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Making The Most Of Your Herbicides

Controlling weeds is becoming a difficult and expensive task. A common assumption made when a group of weeds are not killed by a herbicide application is that the weeds are resistant. While weed herbicide resistance is unfortunately common, other factors can play a role. The weather is a huge variable in farming which directly affects [...]

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Organic Matter, What Is It & What Does It Do?

I came across an article in the Noble Foundation’s Ag News & Views Newsletter, a number of years ago, that does a very good job of explaining what organic matter actually does in the soil.  Much of this article was taken from that particular article. Most of us have a general sense that organic matter [...]

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You Can’t Buy a Miracle in a Jug

One of the most common questions we hear is: “What do you think of this fertilizer? It is supposed to increase my yield by 20 bushel.” But at what cost? Looking at some of these specialty fertilizer analyses, household well water has more nutrient value.  Now, we are not saying these products do not have [...]

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