The Importance of Managing Potassium Deficiency in Cotton

Cotton can be a tricky plant to manage. Unlike most other row crops in the US, it is an indeterminate, perennial plant farmed like an annual through the use of plant growth regulator hormones (PGR). PGRs are used to attempt to shut down or slow the vegetative growth of the cotton and force it into [...]

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Cotton: Starting Clean, Keeping Clean

Roundup resistant weeds in cotton have become a major problem, so starting clean is key to finishing clean at harvest. Under conventional till, we need to consider using the old “yellow” herbicides, like trifluralin - preplant incorporated - to help with our weed control. Under no-till & strip-till systems, there are other options for burndown [...]

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Modes to Managing Cotton Growth

Cotton is unique to many other row crops traditionally grown in the US.  While cotton is ordinarily a perennial, it is commercially grown as an annual in the US.  With its indeterminate nature, cotton continues to produce new foliage even after it creates a seed.  Even though vegetative growth is necessary to support reproductive growth, [...]

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