Agronomic Nutrient Management

Crop Quest will be available to assist livestock producers in southwest, south central and northeast Kansas with their nutrient utilization plans. For more details, contact Randy Waldren at the Crop Quest main office at 620-225-2233.


The services we offer include:

  • Acquire Data for Plan – Determine application areas, legal descriptions, aerial photos, soil maps, yield data, land application agreements, lab reports, crop rotations, etc.
  • Complete Plan Document – Worksheet completion
  • Records Management – Assembling & organizing forms to meet KDA record-keeping requirements.
  • Training & Consulting – Assisting producers to complete & maintain nutrient utilization plans independently.


One of the reasons producers may want to consider having Crop Quest help develop their plan is because 24-inch soil samples must be pulled on each application site. In addition, several other calculations and forms are required to be completed before an application is made to the crop land. The person taking the soil samples must follow a certain protocol and chain of command to get the samples from the field through the lab.


Crop Quest staff can also help livestock producers with record management.

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