Crop Consulting

Crop Quest agronomists custom design agronomic service programs for each customer. We offer programs for irrigated and dryland farmers. Our crop consultants contract with producers on a per acre basis. Rates vary depending on the crop to be checked, location, acreage, etc. Below is a listing of the agronomic services our staff offers.

Soil Sampling

Our professional agronomists are trained in the latest soil sampling techniques. Consistent soil sampling is the key to getting accurate soil test results. Crop Quest takes soil samples for clients under contract and provides custom soil sampling services for non-contract clients.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Our agronomists sell no products and make unbiased fertilizer recommendations, based on certified laboratory analysis of each sample. Recommendations take into consideration yield goal, carryover fertilizer levels, and other variables.

Regular Field Checks

Crop Quest checks fields under contract regularly during the growing season. During certain times of the year, agronomists may visit a field more frequently, should situations arise that require close monitoring. After each field check, clients are given a computerized field report detailing current field and crop conditions.

Insect Scouting

Our agronomists are trained to scout for beneficial and harmful insects that may be present. When infestations reach threatening levels, our staff recommends the best products and rates for control.

Weed Scouting

Our agronomists scout fields and identify weed problems that may be present. After fields are scouted, weed problems are noted and mapped on a client’s field report. When treatments are required, we recommend the best products and rates for control.

Disease Scouting

Crop Quest agronomists are always on the lookout for disease problems that may threaten a client’s crop. When conditions require treatment, our staff recommends the best products and rates for control.

Ag-Chemical Recommendations

When weed, insect or disease problems are found in a client’s field, the Crop Quest staff recommends the best products and rates for control and when and where the products should be applied. We sell no products, so clients can be assured they are getting unbiased recommendations.

Irrigation Scheduling

Our staff monitors soil moisture across irrigated fields during each regular field check. Using penetrometers, soil probes and water use charts for various crops, our staff can improve a client’s irrigation efficiency.

Equipment Calibration

As part of our full service program, our staff assists clients with calibrating and adjusting sprayers, chemigation systems, planters and other equipment.

Detailed Field Reports

After each regular field check, our agronomists complete a detailed computerized field report for the client. Each report contains weed, insect and disease scouting results, maps highlighting field conditions, irrigation scheduling information and ag-chemical recommendations.

Permanent Record Keeping

Crop Quest maintains permanent records for each field under contract. This information provides clients and agronomists with a longtime history of each field. Soil fertility levels, water quality, soil type, crop yields, insects, weed problems and other data is updated each season.

Seed Variety Recommendations

Each year, our staff meets with representatives from seed companies to discuss new hybrids or varieties. In addition, our agronomists constantly exchange yield data with each other across the company, evaluating performance and noting problems. With this information in hand, our staff can recommend the best variety for each client’s field.

Crop Rotation Planning

Crop Quest helps clients plan crop rotation patterns taking into account herbicide use, crop prices, weed problems and other variables.

Computerized Crop Budgets

As part of our full service program, our staff generates computerized crop budgets for each field. The budgets take into account fixed and variable costs, with a breakdown on all crop inputs. Each budget projects a potential net and gross profit, with break even yield data.

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